I've had a thing for stripes and all things Hollywood Regency for as long as I can remember, and I'm constantly on the hunt for vintage finds and filling notebooks with party plans and home decorating ideas. I'm not fancy but I have the taste of a crazy old lady living in Palm Beach; think Joan Jett meets Blanche from the Golden Girls and decorates like a slightly tipsy Dorothy Draper.  I'm in a constant state of turmoil between my minimalist and maximalist sides. I like to illustrate the simple, everyday things that make me smile. Making garlands is my natural god given talent and obsession. I was born a southern girl, fine tuned my appreciation for sunshine while missing it in Seattle and now I'm here in Charleston trying to figure out how to be a good modern southern mama while still shaking things up a bit; who says a good southern girl can't have pink hair? I'm both bold and incredibly shy, but what you see is what you get. Oh yeah, and I will work for tchotchke: trading illustration work for amazing vintage brass parrots. Yes, really, but cash works, too.

So stay awhile. Put your feet up, pop that bottle of bubbly, email me and let's make something amazing together!

A Brief History

I had a party craft blog called Hank & Hunt, you can find the archived projects on the blog. I've created garlands, printables and party ideas for the likes of Design*Sponge, Oh Happy Day, Minted, Better Homes & Gardens and even Martha Stewart, along with many others. I decided to close H+H and start over to follow my heart with painting and illustration. Yes, I still have DIYs but they are more real and doable.  This is a one woman show, and I plan to stay that way; I want to keep it real and do-able. I'm playing tourist in Charleston, soaking up the sunshine at the beach, remodeling our home with my handsome hubby (ok, he's doing the hardstuff- but I'm darn good cheap labor) and drawing the little things I find around me. All this while trying to raise two of the craziest boys with the biggest hearts. I'm still fine tuning what this will turn into, so join me - I promise it will be interesting and at least nice to look at.