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A Blog Adventure

Every now and again I start to flitter around my favorite blogs, and start to visit some of the links they have. Sometimes its a new shop or two, and sometimes its one of their favorite blogs. This time it was a post on The Party Dress ( (fabulous party ideas/ inspirations, def. one of my faves) for her interview on Pepper Design blog ( Here it was - another fabulous party site! Love. Then later...after poking around, I kept going. I figure, if I love what they post...I will probably love what they like, right? And YES! I do! I went to one of their blogroll, Lollipop Design and Events ( DOUBLE LOVE. The girls behind all three sites are stunning! Fabulously creative and fabulously gorgeous! Pretty girls, making pretty things...its uncanny! So not fair. ;)
This is the only way I can successfully flit around to find new blogs. Search engines truly hate me. In fact, most days the internet hates me, but I think its the dial-up talking.
Yes, I will fix my links soon. I am just too lazy today! :)

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