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I have never had a white chocolate pretzel. Maybe the yogurt kind, but I don't remember. Divine. A perfect food, sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy. Satisfying. Did I mention pretty? How lovely will these look on the buffet in a pretty glass?

Here is my first attempt at Martha's button cookies. I used Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough in a tube, and cut out the cookie with a round cutter, imprinted the inner ring with the next size down, and made the button holes with a sippy cup straw (they are fatter than the average bendy straw.) When I baked them, they puffed up alot and closed the holes. I mended this by cooling for two minutes and then recutting the holes with the sippy straw. I need to find a firmer cookie dough, I think. Or maybe chilling the dough right before putting in the oven will work.
Oh - did you notice my giant green button? Woo Hoo - was at a different fabric shop from my usual, a quarter each - I got eight. It is huge- those are regular sized cookies!

I have made two attempts at pretty brownie pops. My new mold (thank heavens I just paid $5 for it) doesn't like me. Or actually doesn't like my brownies, or liked them so much it didn't want to let them go. Messy, messy, messy. No photo of that catastrophe, its depressing...

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Button Flowers

the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever - classic style