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Previously I mentioned these fabric covered buttons are easy, did I mention how incredibly satisfying and relaxing they are to make? I am terribly impatient, and I get easily frustrated, on occasion, okay alot, when making stuff. This is not so good when it comes to crafting, and when it comes to baking...well, lets just say difficult. These make me happy. Here we go...

First things first...get a button making kit from your fave fabric shop. $2-$3, super cheap, right? I used Dritz brand. Break out some fabric you like. Cut out the round template on the back of the box. Cut out a fabric square. Trim to the template. I also made a lining by using a regular white quilting cotton, it helps keep from seeing the shiny button underneath.
Take the circles of fabric and lay them face down on the table, lining on top.

Center the top button piece on top and place all three in the white mold. (You might notice I take out the wire piece on the button top - easy to do, because I want my button to be flat so I can glue a magnet on back later)

Push down, making sure to keep the fabric smooth.

Push all the fabric ends in, they will be covered by the button bottom.

Put the bottom on top,

put the blue pusher on top of that and push until it pops or clicks into place.

Pop out the button.

Voila! Instant button. How easy was that?

Next post, add flower backing.

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