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lovely vintage without the hunt...part deux

Its chilly here, cold actually. The snow finally melted, and then it snowed again, not much where we are luckily. I have been flitting again, I think I do everyday. This time I found a new online store with all sorts of goodies. has lots of lovlies that are filling my wishlist. Some things are even handmade. So many pretty glass jars and cloches. Not to mention pretty wire and galvanized items.

handmade lazy suzan - yeah, it spins. This would be perfect for my mini cupcakes at the shower, but alas, at $99 it is out of my price range.

so pretty, so french. fromage sounds so much prettier than cheese. what do the french say when taking a picture? no really, I don't know.

I would love a whole row of these on my kitchen island, if I had one.

It's striped, it's beautifully neutral and btw it's OILCLOTH. Perfect.

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