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To be,or not to be...BOLD

Here is the invite draft. Simple cute little buttons. I just can't decide if I want the font for Ms. A's name to be bold or not. (pic posted soon - pdf printer is angry) I picked up a embossing pen for a 3D effect for the button and a calligraphy pen for the envelopes. Who knew finding envelopes would be the tough part. I know lots of places online to order envelopes from, and to be lazy I just might, but I tried to buy local. That doesn't work as nicely in a small city sometimes. I will check out Etsy to see if anyone has handmade or I will just make an envelope template and spend the day making envelopes.

OOOH! I love those tissue paper poof ball decorations that are on all the dessert tables and parties recently. I even giggled with glee when I found beautiful Martha blue pompoms at Michaels. Am I the only one that made one thinking, "really, that's it?- I could totally make one of these." Well, today (or sometime this month, really) is gonna be that day. Plain white to stay in our green & white theme. Labor excluded, a total of $5 for floral wire and tissue paper at the dollar store. How super is that? I am cheap. You know that already Ms. A, "champagne wishes, beer budget..." Or as Ed says, "you can take the girl out of the trailer park..." Anyhoo, I will make a tutorial to show you how simple this really is. Really, really, simple. But just a warning, it takes forever!

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