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Lovely Vintage without the Hunt

I must admit, I scour Etsy everyday for vintage metal organizers and milk glass. EVERYDAY, sometimes twice. Recently I found this lovely, who will work as my kitchen clipboard for doctors appts, and my calendar (or a letterpress one because who knows when I will finish my design.)

I am also one of those people who sign up for every catalog she can. Pottery Barn arrived yesterday and I am drooling. All the lovelies I have been searching for, ready to come to my house. Some are even reasonably priced (3 baskets for $24! perfect!)

Some will live in my dreams with my french flea market loves from Restoration Hardware...roulette anyone? (I live in Reno so it does a kitchy chic thing for me)

and some will visit there temporarily until they go on sale.

I love all things metal that are (or look) old.

I love the idea of a chalkboard painted platter- the possibilties are endless. I think I want to paint the center of one of my browned and well loved aluminum cookie sheets. There are so many color options for chalkboard paint too, visit Hudson Paint ( but I favor traditional black, but am very tempted at dark grey. It would look great above my stove, which is just the right size for a medium sheet.
Here are two more lovelies! Love!

1. Vintage wire noteboard (via

2. - everything else via

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