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Pretty Little Candies

Here are some lovely little candies I found, so pretty. I also want to find some clear rock candy pops, they look like diamonds and would be so lovely to look at. I have no idea what these little gumdrops taste like, but they will look fabulous. The little mints are the perfect shade of green. This is the color I requested of two dozen mini cupcakes from Trophy cupcakes, with green sparkling sugar and white nonpareils. OOOH, I have an intense sweet tooth, mmmm cupcakes. Yum!
I have been looking for candies that are different from the normal green spearmint flavor. My main requirement is that they are nice to look at. It should be easy to find white candies.
Delicious brownie pops -inspired by Ms. Bakerella's( cake pops, I found this mold at my local Michaels. The first thing that pops in my mind is "oooh, just like Bakerella" and the second is "oooh, 40 percent off coupon on my fridge!"
Issue - how do I get these to travel on an airplane? It might just be easier to stay up late and make them the night before. Colors? Hmmmm...probably just a simple drizzle of white chocolate and white sprinkles.

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Lovely Vintage without the Hunt

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