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Inspiration Board Contest - Win a LOCKHEART bag!!

My blogging BFF, aka Sharon, over on Cupcakes and Cutlery, is having the coolest contest and giveaway.  Enter here and get this...a LOCKHEART bag!

You could WIN it! Every girl needs a new purse right now...I know I'm not the only one who doesn't get one, in lieu of saving for the upcoming holiday season.  But you could win one.  FOR FREE! All you have to
do is send over an inspiration board based on this fabulous purse (retail $465) and you've got a brand new purse for an hour or two worth of work (let's face it, inspiration boards are fun, not much work goin on).

How do I make a board? I will give you an easy hint... I would use Picasa.  It's free and you put all of your gathered pics in the same folder (be sure to include the bag!) and click Mosaic.  It makes the board for you.  Then you just click them around and voila! Create, save, email, done.  Sharon has some other helpful options for you to use, too.  We want you to enter.   I say we...because I am one of the lucky ones that gets to help narrow down the choices for the judges.  I am super excited! But I'll tell you a secret...I just about kicked myself when I told Sharon I'd love to help with it (meaning: I don't get to enter or win)

But wait...there's more!!! You could win another awesome prize package (with minimal effort on your part) me...AWESOME!!!...but you have to go check out the rules to find out how.

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