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Visions of Loveliness NEW GUEST COLUMN

Oh heavens to betsy. Great goodness of gorgeousness. I have a beautiful treat for you, dear lovelies!  Starting TODAY, I will host a monthly mood board for you.  I wish I could say I created this, but the second treat is that I have the stunning and stylish Ms. Sharon from Cupcakes and Cutlery here for you. She created this board o' lovely from an oufit by the magnificent Ms. Rachel Zoe.  Sharon is going to inspire us each month with Visions of Loveliness.  I truly love her sense of style and think she'll be a wonderful addition to Hank + Hunt.  Please welcome her and Enjoy! I know I can't wait to see more...maybe I can bribe her to give us a few extras this holiday season.

Here is Ms. Rachel Zoe in all her fabulousness. :: sigh ::

Sharon took that outfit and created...this. I die.


Sharon says: "I equate Rachel's adoration for fine fashions with my absolute joy for well designed parties.  I adore how she styles here celeb clients and would totally wear the delicious vintage frocks that she prefers if I had her frame (or money, or no kids to chase or irrational fear of highly flammable materials).  I love the dress she's wearing in the inspiration photo which really represents her boho vibe while being glamourous and put together.  This was my first legit inspiration board and I really like how it turned out.  Let's have this party, shall we?"

I adore these images. I love fall. Someone flipped the switch on us here in Nevada this weekend. From 90s last week, to a perfectly cool high 60s yesterday. The crisp air, the leaves changing...the fabulous boots and cardigans I finally get to wear. Everything about fall is lush and beautiful...and can be perfectly cozy and rich without the use of pumpkins (do you hear me craft stores???) Oh and did I tell you, Sharon reads minds, because this first board was exactly what I needed. So grab a cup of mulled cider, and enjoy.

Photo of Rachel - Zimbio

(from top left, then by row)
Animal print tablescape - Animal Print Essentials
Wine bottle in box - Flat Magic
Cutlery - 1 Stop Retro Shop
Dessert - Araman Studio
Blurry Lights - Mister Jabe
Invitation - Inky Livie
Candlesticks - Roost Candlesticks via The Examiner
Chain necklace - The Indie Collective
Disposable cup holder - N3RD
Red wall food table - Andre Martin Photo
Girl with ring - Bleach Black
Round tent - Chenin Boutwell Photography
Martini - Served Raw

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