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Hello! Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday! (say that three times fast) Our WONDERFUL shop feature is the lovely Loralee Lewis & Co. This shop has the most one of-a-kind invitations on the web that I have found. These invitations are beyond gorgeous and I can’t decide which ones I want. I am finding myself wanting to plan the entire party around these invitations. I am positive you have seen this party for her daughter Vienna. This alone makes me want to have a baby girl. Or maybe just have my own birthday party…


Loralee is a mom of three and has a personal blog for Loralee Lewis & Co. I love her tag line “Motherhood in High Heels, Stand a Little Taller” Next year I am definitely having a P.O.P. (parents only party.)

She is also one half of the lovely team on a lovely blog called No Fuss Fabulous, have you heard of it? Of course you have ‘cause it’s huge and gorgeous and AHHmazing. She has incredible parties, recipes and DIYs. A little lollipop centerpiece, yes please. Easy (no fuss) and fabulous…love that.

A little bit vintage and a lot amazing, Loralee Lewis & Co. stunned me one day as I was browsing Halloween invitations for my inspiration boards on Fridays. This is the one that first caught my eye.

Isn’t it fantastic? I love the green and black and the cool modern yet vintage feel. So chic. For me, modern means clean, with details chosen precisely, and vintage is all in the font and the graphics. It’s the coolest Halloween invitation I have ever seen. I love it.

In her shop Loralee Lewis & Co. on Etsy, you can find a wonderful selection of other Halloween lovelies.

Look at these fantastic labels.

Her Halloween collections are fabulous, but there is more…birthday invitations, shower invitations, and party accoutrement to match perfectly with your invites (which you have based your party around already, right?) I honestly can’t find the words to express how incredible I think these designs are. But just know they are so amazing they leave me speechless…really. I will let the designs speak for themselves.

Now for the fun part…Meet the lovely Loralee of Loralle Lewis & Co.

I already feel like I know her, her lovely blogs make you feel like you have a super stylish sister who’s gonna show you how to pull it together in five minutes. I stopped counting all the AH-HA moments I had. But here’s a little look into the wonderfully talented Loralee…

1. I am in love with your Etsy shop. What caught my eye was the beautiful attention to detail and the vintage flair. They are unlike any other party invitations I have ever seen. Don't even get me started on the blog...those parties. Everytime I see one, my eyes pop out. What 3 things most inspire you?

The three things that inspire me most are my three children: Ethan (4), Vienna(3), and Boston(1). They are my piece of Heaven here on Earth. They make every day fell crammed with Heaven. So every party I plan or invitation I create I try to bring a little piece of my heaven to it.

2. You are an incredibly talented with graphic design and parties, but on your blog I can tell you are a girl friday of domesticity...what is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing in the world is having my whole family in pajamas (chihuahuas included!) on my bed watching a Disney movie eating homemade pizza!

3. How/why did you start your shop?

I began my shop on a bit of a flook! An adorable woman had seen my Royal Alice in Wonderland invitation on my blog that I created for my daughter's second birthday and emailed me frantically to see if I would recreate them for her upcoming celebration, a 200+ guest even at the New York Botanical Gardens. That was the big push I needed. I overnighted her the invitations and I began selling my invitations and party accessories online!

4. I LOVE your Halloween collections, they are so wonderful so different from what is typically found for Halloween. What was your inspiration?

With my Halloween invites, I try to channel fun! I want the guest to receive something that makes them more than just a little excited to attend. In today's world, there are enough tough days! Celebrations are the twinkle and sparkle to the drab daily routine. My inspiration for all my invites is to bring a little excitement to the mundane. I want people to prepare, arrive, and leave an event feeling special and a little happier.

5. Tell us your FAVORITES…


My favorite color is buttercup yellow.


My favorite party goodies are mason jars. I love them because they are inexpensive and you can use them for so many things. You can fill them with candles and hang them in trees for adorable lanterns; you can fill them with baking ingredients for fun cookies in a jar favors. I also like to use them at my annual Harvest Soup Party as take home jars for the extra soup!


My secret source for parties is the site: Oh Nuts! You can search their inventory of candy by color! Perfect for Halloween parties when you need orange and black candy!

A huge THANK YOU to Loralee of Loralee Lewis & Co.
Thank you so very much for sharing your inspiration and shop with us!

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