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Happy Holiday Hints

Hello, we interrupt our regularly scheduled Wednesday Wonderfulness for an important holiday entertaining message. If you are one of those lovelies that can restrain themselves to decorate until after Thanksgiving, this is especially for you. If you have been decorated for a week or more (Thanksgiving, what Thanksgiving?) then this is still helpful, too. This is a public service announcement for all. There are some things that must be purchased for the holidays NOW. As in yesterday, literally.

Rule number one…anything you like in one of the gorgeous gift spreads in the pretty holiday magazines should be purchased right now. That is if there is still stock left…go check…

I’ll wait right here…

okay, good.

Next, entertaining goodies are a plethora right now. You will have more selection now,than at any other time of the year. If you like to host parties this season or next, you must take advantage of the increased supply of options. Do you have a wedding in spring or summer? In all honesty, this is the easiest time to find mercury glass. Period. I have my eye on this lovely at Ballard Designs. I guarantee you will not be able to find this baby in July, even though I would argue that its beautiful antiqued silver finish would look lovely with red and blue stripes and stars. But really, I have been looking for one of these for-like-ever. Well here it is.
Mercury Pedestal at Ballard Designs

This is also a perfect time to stock up on neutral serveware…aka cake stands and tiered servers. I am a yearlong shopper. I will buy any (and every) reasonably priced option I find in my shopping adventures. I always check sales and to be honest…these sales coming up next week are the best. Had your eye on an 8” cake stand by the lovely Martha at Macys? Well, I just got the square version this weekend for a grand total of $13. Can you say additional % off of the already awesome sale price? Always keep an eye out for great basics that you can get for cheap, like really cheap. You will always use them, and if you have an arsenal, how adorable will those biscuits look at brunch on a pretty little stand?

Why am I telling you this? Because it is a great tip if you are just starting to want to design pretty parties. Because you are at the mall or browsing online anyway. Because if you don’t get certain items now, when you go looking for them the weekend before your holiday fete…the good stuff will be gone and you will be stuck with an overpriced dessert tray with an ugly reindeer on it. Yes, I don’t care if you get servers with reindeer on them…but beware, after next weekend all the cute ones will be gone. Really.

I offer this advice from experience. That, in past years, I have browsed, gone home, debated and in some instances, when I returned the VERY NEXT DAY…my coveted lovelies were gone. Now what’s a girl to do. Shop smarter next year. So, finally today, I will share with you some of my goodies...get it while it’s hot and the shipping is free…

Isn’t this pretty. I found it in the candle section this weekend. How perfect would little macarons or mini meringues be on this? Remember to think outside the box. Pottery Barn Tiered Server

These guys are really hard to find and sell out quick. I can’t tell you how many times my chosen set of Williams Sonoma cookie cutters were gone upon the second trip. Really. And these have little messages you can write. Combine the holiday sayings with the original message cookies…especially the scalloped cutter…too darn cute. Williams Sonoma Cookie Cutters

Dear little tablecloth made of festive tartan, you have eluded me two years running. You can’t hide, I love you and you will be mine. Williams Sonoma Tartan Tablecloth (placemat shown)

This baby is under $15 bucks. I have it in white. This is a perfect neutral and you could even use it at Thanksgiving. Sur La Table Wire Dessert Stand

Cute gift tags are a PAIN to find. Don’t leave wrapping to the last minute. Well, leave the wrapping part. Get your supplies ASAP. I would use these around napkins as place settings. Zinc Tags at terrain.

Got a West Elm catalog in the mail yesterday afternoon. Fell in love with this. What to put on it. Don’t care, just know it would be perfect in the arsenal. This baby is made of porcelain and is NOT on the website. Call to order or visit the stores…West Elm Porcelain Petit Four Stand 16-3096443 (that’s the catalog item number, just in case you heed my warnings…)

Okay, at the very top is a cute basic ruffle edge cake stand I picked up at Pier One. It was $14.99. Nuff said. (Santa is from Target - isn't he cute?)

Finally, don’t walk by ornaments you love just because it’s early…er mid…November. (I might purchase an ornament or two in October, don’t judge me.) They will not be there. Or they will only be online, and who orders just one ornament online? Not me.

So there you have it. My little bit about entertaining goodies and how you can accumulate the good stuff for cheap so it’s there when you need it. Just think, if you follow my advice, you will be able to focus on decorating the cookies and not what you’re going to put them on. A plate with an ugly reindeer on it…for shame, unless you embrace Christmas sweaters, then carry on!

So my little hunters- good luck and best dishes.



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