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Hello? Are you still there?

I have been MIA the last two weeks darlings and I apologize.  My posts are not as fabulous as they should be. My excuses:
It was Thanksgiving. K' thats a given.  Ours was small and lovely.  I cooked, cheated a bit, but ultimately rocked it out.  And...I didn't forget to make stuffing, like I might have done last year.

But then it was my birthday this past weekend.  Look at the pretty party in a box Sharon sent me!  My pictures are terrible because it was already dark when I put them up. Ok, so this is two posts in a row I claim bad lighting. I live in NV and the sun sets here faster than on the coast, people, Tahoe and the Sierras...nuff said. ***Sharon, my pictures all turned out really bad and didn't showcase how cute everything was in real life...and the candy/snack bar didn't last long, yes, the main person eating it when I was taking pictures was me, I should have excersized restraint, but it was my birthday and "I do what I waunt..." I loved it.  Thank you so much!!!***

I have also been working on a baby shower that my lovely sis-n-law is throwing this weekend.


I am pretty pleased and had so much fun doing it I am figuring on adding printies to the lineup over at the shop. I am I do a whole separate shop called "Hank + Hunt Printables" or just a new section? I am leaning towards the new section.  That way if anyone felt like buying a garland, they could with one final checkout.  Easy peasy. 

So, I am sorry for the delay.  I have lots of goodies lined up, a DIY (of the pretty garland she sent me above) and a inspiration board from Sharon, a DIY I'm working on for over on Valley & Co., a bunch of little goodies and my GIFT GUIDE tomorrow.  Ok, its a regular post, but its got great stuff in it. As in I deliberately checked every magazine I own, which is a stack a mile high this month, to make sure I couldn't find them on other gift guides.  PS. I still have a few online ones to check...which I will list tomorrow too.

PS I also made these instead of a birthday cake.  Seven layer cookies via Smitten Kitchen

So, yes, for the first time in 33 years, I didn't eat chemical frosting for my birthday.  And I am okay with that. It's going to be a fantastic year. These were perfect and pretty easy to make, really.  The assembly is the only hard part, if you are slightly OCD like I might be. But,  I want to remake these without the colors and white chocolate coating.  YUM.  That is coming soon, too.

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