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Super Quick Advent Calendar Printable

Hello Lovelies!  I just made this little countdown this afternoon because I completely lost track of time and never made the gorgeous one I have in my dreams...for the second year running.   I was incredibly inspired by the pretty little countdown over on Potter and Butler yesterday using her fabulous gracious garland. I have a little calendar countdown set of cute little ornaments and its easy and you can whip one out right now.  Easy peasy.  I made it for my 2 3/4' round punch because I don't like cutting circles.  I tried the circle cutter today and jabbed myself in the finger putting the tip on.  Ouch.  So, I added few more pages so the circles had more space for punching.  Punch each number out.  Punch a hole on top.  Run some thread and voila- 24 mini ornaments ready for countdown.  It's our first year doing this tradition, so I had to bat the boys away from putting ALL of them up at once.  I had the card holder, but you could also just string a piece of twine or ribbon and line them up with clothespins across the walls.  More pictures coming tomorrow, my light is already gone today.  But if you make this (or Emily's) tonight, you are still perfectly on schedule.  Enjoy.

Get your countdown HERE. Get Emily's prettier and more sophisticated one here.

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