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Gifted Magazine from Creature Comforts

If you haven't heard or seen this little lovely and read it like a hundred times, honestly...where have you been?  This little piece of heaven, aka Gifted Magazine, is a gorgeous online holiday magazine curated by the loveliest of all, Ms. Ez of Creature Comforts.  I have been mildly (ok, crazy) obsessed with her blog since the beginning.  Do you remember your first blog crushes? Well, Ez was my very first.  She still is one of my all-time favorites.  AND... this girl can make one heck of a magazine.  Honestly, someone (editors can you hear me???) give this fabulous lady a magazine.  oh...wait. She's so amazing, she already got herself one.  And it rocks.

Gifted Magazine is the perfect holiday gift guide.  It even has DIYs to die for.  This little darling below is on my to do list. It is why I just had 24 gauge wire lying around to make the tinsel words.  And with mere weeks to go...I am gonna make this wreath this week.  Such a simple idea, but my pretty little head is just buzzing about with options to use this twistie tie theory. Adore.

Still stumped about what to get for someone? Or what to make?  Go indulge yourself and view the completely FREE and completely AWESOME Gifted Magazine...or revisit it over and over and dream of having it in print...dear santa, I have been (mostly) good this year...

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