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A few more goodies

For the grammies...mammas of the mama always get left out. They aren't allowed to really "throw" a shower, so they need some lovin' too! Not that everyone doesn't already know, but now they can wear their bragging rights.

So, those poor cheap tissue balls have gone to the wayside. Apparently, tissue paper from the dollar store is not as forgiving as the better quality, and can't make very large poms, because the size is more square than rectangular (which is needed for a good pom.) That's okay, I always have a back up plan. Martha - I have my coupon, will trade for poms. hee hee. I will make another strand of fabric poms, too.

Here are some cute tags for the table. I still have to print out the labels and iron them on to muslin before I attach them.

I finally finished the Bingo game! yay! It didn't take as long as I originally thought, I am such the procrastinator! I made a template in PowerPoint for the board, and instead of copying and pasting each one differently, I made the original with numbers 1-24. Then I copied that slide 20 times and changed a few numbers around. After all slides had different combos, I did "find and replace" for each number, which resulted in different combinations of the words. It was easier to check for doubles or if you forgot a number in each slide visually with actual numbers, just count 1-24 on each and boom, done.

For the pieces I used a Martha Stewart Crafts button embossing punch on green copy paper. You would be surprised how hard it was to find colored copy paper. I finally had to go to Walmart (bad girl) because all my craft shops didn't have plain, lightweight paper. Only cardstock and funky patterns. Ed laughed at me when I punched them out because I had to "remove the hanging chads" hee hee hee.

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