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A Beautiful Idea

I first read about this on Frenchie and Flea, who is also participating.   A Beautiful Idea is a movement and vehicle to partner artists with a greater good. It is a place where artists can create and collaborate their profits for donation; where shoppers can make a difference with their purchases. Its more than a beautiful idea, it is profound, astonishing, and unbelievable.  Imagine the impact that can be made with each of us giving just a little. A Beautiful Idea is a revolutionary concept with a beautiful agenda. They make it easy to make a change.  All you do is sign up your shop to their network  and donate the profits of one (or more) of your products. Or you can just shop and support great causes, or donate directly.  After the charity goal has been met, a new one is chosen. Its beautifully ongoing. Loveliness in the best form.


images via A Beautiful Idea

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