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Things you didn't know about me...

My friend, neighbor, and first/only follower gave me this award. Miss Dylan is awesome. I am lucky, I don't think you can get cooler neighbors. The first people I've ever met that have been to Antarctica. Antarctica!!! How awesome is that? And she can knit, and sew, and is rockin' the blogging. She has more entries/pics/links than me and I stay home all day!!! (what do I do?) and her stories are SO good!
For nominees: copy the image above and send it to 7 faves. Then write about seven things no one knows about pressure, just for fun. :)
So for this award, I will pick my seven fave bloggers. I really love what you do, and each day you brighten my world.


cupcakes and cashmere


Martha Moments

The Party Dress

Twig & Thistle

little. lovely.

So, seven things no one knows about me...hmmmm...

1. I am secretly jealous of my younger brother. Who somehow knows everyone, does crazy things, and travels everywhere/anywhere at the drop of the hat. He just flew to China, yesterday. I get calls "oh, I forgot to tell you I am in London" or "I'm in Vegas..." We have had words about this and he promises to let me know ahead of time when he is going to leave the country. Part of me thinks he's crazy, the other part loves it.
2. I haven't really exercised in two years. or is that two years, four months... how ever long its been since Hunter got here. I used to be very consistant. I did do a video last month almost twice. Probably should consider picking it back up again... if only to save money on jeans.
3. I can never remember, or feel confident in, how to spell "because" (ha, got it right) but I've struggled since grade school, always having this little voice in my head that wonders if it should be "beacause"...
4. If I could meet/see/befriend/be/live by any famous person in the world, it would be Martha Stewart.
5. I was born in Texas, think its the best state ever, and secretly want to move back so I can get that license plate that says "NATIVE TEXAN" (okay, that one is super weird, sorry.)
6. I have eaten entire cans of frosting, sans cake from the can. It makes me smile just to think of it. And has happened multiple times.
7. I think I am half hoarder/half minimalist. Okay, not minimalist exactly, but I love getting rid of clutter. A constant battle with the self that loves to keep things 'cause its cool/its vintage/can use it later/have a collection/save it for my inspiration board etc...

Whew, that was hard. I guess I tell people alot more than I thought. Most of the fun stuff, anyway! Doxie obsession anyone?

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happy bunting!! fabric edition (via etsy)