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I am having a ton of fun this week procrastinating.  Hence, the multiple posts about Etsy finds. I also discovered the scheduling tool on Blogger, but as a momma, when you get free time, you gotta roll while you still can...
I have a multitude of personal obsessions: mini doxies, garland/bunting, cupcakes...the list goes on and on, one of which is quotes... here's a poster edition...of yes, stuff I found on know you love it too.

Such a gorgeous poster. Simply gorgeous.

 Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers Screenprinted Poster by fifi du vie via Etsy

As a momma (of two very smart little mini-men who love to learn new words), I choose very carefully the items that slip my lips.  This cracks me up and I would so buy it if I didn't have to worry about the four year old and his learning to read, ahhhhh.  "Childproofing" is a never ending process.  Love the English flair, here's my dumb yankee question...what or who IS Gordon Bennet? Oh, and I am so googling the definition of flamin'nora, so friggin' awesome (to quote Miss Dylan).
Old Lady Swearwords poster (love the name) by sian kellaway via Etsy
 This year marks our fourth at our itty bitty house, the third for our itty bitty garden.  Heaven help me, please grow little itty bitty garden, and big guy up there...please strike down those four inch caterpillars from hell.  Yes, they are four inches long, eat our precious tomatoes, and we have no clue where they came from. I hate them, I have words that are not on the above poster for them.  Anyhoo, below is a wearable poster. Love!
Grow Your Own Food T-Shirt by Happy Family via Etsy

Here's one that seems like its channeling my mom.  I can't tell you how many times I heard "Quit futzin' around..."
Get On With It Already 8x10 print by Orange Beautiful via Etsy 
And last, but certainly not least..zombies.  Just too cool.  I love zombie movies, but haven't seen many lately.  In fact, I haven't seen any except one or two since I was preggers with the four year old and saw the scene where the pregnant lady turned zombie and then went into labor and gave birth to her zombie baby.  Freaked me out. I keep forgetting to buy this for the hubby's garage...

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