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cowboy quilt, boys room BEFORE

Weekend warrior that I am, I will finish this quilt. Ok, I just started, and well, I just really want to get the top done on one. I am redecorating/first decorating the boys' room. They have adorable matching beds and I want their quilts to match. I found this vintage sheet on eBay and loved it.

Then, I dug around my wall-o-fabric and pulled out these guys. The goal was to not buy anything, to use what I already had. So far so good.
I wanted something simple and all boy. Something kind of modern and not so kitchy. I also knew I am lazy and wanted something easy peasy. While watching Dear Genevieve on HGTV (how I actually caught a show that wasn't House Hunters I will never know- what has happened to you darling HGTV???) she was doing a playroom redo. The mom was a graphic designer and the dad was a science teacher and Gen decided to do chopped up stripes resembling a gene test. My brain switched on and I came up with broken stripes on my quilt design.

This seems super easy, but it will be my first attempt on my own design/pattern. We shall see. Oh, and btw, only third quilt ever.
hee hee hee, took the funky photos with Hipstamatic with my iPhone. Lovin' it. (INSERT HUGE SMILE HERE) Woo hoo! Gives the post a new feel. I don't think I have ever LOVED an electronic device.  I think its mainly because its so much faster than the D-word.  And I just found this app that will let me post with pics to blogger.  Might just be the best $2 I have ever spent.  Better watch out D-word...

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