girls just wanna have sun


Happy Earth Day! Yes, its April 22. We had one heck of a windstorm last night. This morning, as I was stretching while walking down the hall, feeling a tight sting from my sunburn, sleepily noticing how bright it seemed outside for 630, low and behold, it was snowing. I kindly (yeah, uh...kindly) reminded myself I live in the desert.  I ran to my kitchen window to look at my poor tomatoes and peppers.  Poor windblown, snowed on, tomatoes and peppers.  Blast! I just changed my banner too!
Anyhoo, that is the wonder of the world.  But apparently the Reno area has recorded snowfall for every month of the year.  It makes me wonder if they are including Tahoe in this record...

Bad weather brings good things.  For example...I get to work on my super long list o'projects.  I have so many items on my to do list, I shouldn't be shopping at all. But, in reality, I can't make everything.  So, instead, I have taken the Handmade Pledge.
Buying handmade supports so many wonderful things, and Earth Day is all about making the world a better place. 

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Heather do I love thee...let me count the ways

better than bunting...