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Heather do I love thee...let me count the ways

1.  Your fabrics, are the soul (yep, hit me right there) reason I really picked up sewing.  I had always wanted to sew, but hated the basics that I find at traditional yardage shops. When I found your book, Weekend Sewing, and realized that all those gorgeous fabrics were your design.  My heart skipped.  I kept searching for every one of those patterns, thus finding a new world of new fabric designers.  Stuff I would want to use, stuff I buy 'cause I love it and will find a use for it later.

2.  Your voice on your blog makes me wish I knew you. Heck, I feel like I do already, if that makes sense.  I like you.  Please be my friend. We like the same things.  Ice cream, pretty flowers, polka dots, bicycles, horses, farmers markets, goldfish (black moors - my bug-eyed friends were named Juan and Chubby), and then the wiener dogs (Sugar)...then snails and unicorns...and now the owl and the pussycat, all in lovely vintage colorways that screams early eighties on a self-made forest trail in my backyard. I don't know how you do it. You rock.

3. You have a crazy brother. I mean crazy in a good, happy, loving sense, I, too, have a crazy brother.  Crazy as in the stories that might involve possible felonies, or strange outrageous situations meeting random people, or sheer brilliance in spite of (and against) any formal training.  I, too, like to offer "suggestions" that are usually not so successfully recieved. That's my job as big sis, right?
These boys are magical and mysterious and insanely talented. Crazy funny. Crazy bighearted. Crazy brilliant. I love mine like crazy, just like you do yours. Below one of Jonathan's pics.

4.  Your story of success is constantly evolving. Inspirational. Personal. The choices you have made are so blatently from your heart, that you have stayed  true to your self and what you love doing. I want to do that, too. You opened my eyes to "designing your own fabric" really? You can do that? HOLY CANNOLI! No way...awesome. The wave of new designers flooding the marketplace, you helped us (okay, I still have to covert my drawings to computer, make a yard, sell it by the end of the year- my 2010 resolution, but I am on my way). Thank you.

5. Every new thing you do, makes me love you more.  (See more of Heather Ross' new line Far Far Away II on her blog here.)

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