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3...2...1...organize! kitchen cabinet redo

A constant battle... the fridge.  (the Team Edward sticker is for my hubby Ed, hee hee hee, we are probably the only people alive that haven't seen the Twilight Sagas or that Avatar thing, now its kind of fun to say you haven't seen it, makes me feel special, anyhoo...)  While it offers ample display space of what-nots for my itty bitty house, it usually gets overrun with coupons, lists, appointment cards and my weekly To-Do list. Yes, I actually list all of my household chores by day and post it on my fridge. 

Disclaimer(s): 1. This list actually does cut down on the constant "nagging" of chores that occur when you have a house full of kids. I know that if I follow this list daily, I won't forget to take the garbage out on Tuesdays and everything that needed to be cleaned, did in fact get cleaned at some point that week, regardless of current appearances. 2. I don't use the list as much as I should. 3.  Just looking at it makes me feel productive and happy,which is strange on days when I don't do chores...

In an effort to cut down on the amount of paper ephemera (don't that just make it sound lovely, darling?), I figured I needed a bulletin board of some sort. Two vintage lovelies later, both of which became covered in the boys' artwork, I decided I needed another space so I could actually SEE my reminders.  I remembered reading a magazine that put corkboard on the door of the kitchen cabinet and I figured, wouldn't it be better to put it inside the door, where it doesn't make my kitchen look and feel that much smaller.  So, to the Lowes I went, where I bought a four pack of cork (with included adhesive tabs), all for under $5 bucks.

Here it is, a super cheap, super easy, super decluttering DIY.  Okay,  I guarantee it will force you to sort your mini-paper clutters, but technically it kind of hides it. That is a good thing, especially if you are like me and need like three different reminders of the kids dentist appointment.   I chose to use my drinking glass cabinet, because we open it repeatedly everyday. Lots of exposure = remember.  Well, that is my theory and I am stickin' to it.

1. My cabinet door inset was about 11.25" wide x 23.25" tall. First, I put up the four adhesive tabs in the four corners of the door inset.  Then, I held up a cork square and estimated the two adhesive tabs for the middle.

2. Hold up one of the cork squares, putting the bottom and right side inside the inset.  Draw a line where it over laps the door inset on the left.  Take it down and trim. I used an old Fiskars rotary cutter and board. Zoom...easy peasy.  Take the second cork square and use the first as a template for the width.  Zoom...done. Now hold the first square in place on the door, and place square #2 above it.  Mark where the cork overlaps the top.  Take it down and trim to size. 
NOTE: be sure to keep the paper on the adhesive, or the cork will stick while you are measuring.

3. Peel back adhesive protectors and stick up cork square #1.

4. Repeat for cork square #2.
5. WooHoo, do a happy dance and decorate as desired.  Lovely.  I got little pushpins especially for this from Paper Source here. So cute. 

I had extra cork squares, so I loaded up the spice cabinet, too.  Perfect for writing down those spices you still need to order... (p.s. ignore the catastrophe that is my spice cabinet, sorry)

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