girls just wanna have sun

1, 2, 3...lovely luncheon

I needed some napkins, whipped out these bad boys from my favorite chunky muslin. Attempted to take a shortcut and fray out the ends, thinking it would be faster. So not the case. It would have been faster to finish them properly. They did turn out cuter this way. How'd I do it?

1) cut four 18" squares of fabric
2) sew a line/border about 1/2 an inch in from the outside of the edge, all the way around
3) pull out threads on the edges, this takes a while, but is so pretty it's worth it

Of course it will be a softer fuzzy edge when washed. Project takes about an hour, most of which is pulling out threads, which is soothing and satisfying.

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craft room...what is missing from this picture