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can you put sprinkles on chocolate chip cookies?

Yes.  Yes, you can.  I am starting to think you can put sprinkles on anything.  It was Mother's Day weekend, what is with all the red, white and blue, you ask...well, it was my boys' best friend, WD's birthday party on Saturday.  I made him a special birthday boy garland, which we girls love, but (note to self) I still need to boy it up a bit.  It was darn cute though.  I found two of the cutest pillowcases at the thrift store, in the classic reds and blues that are those wonderful vintage colors from way back when.  I had to have them for garland. 
I paired the vintage strips with bleached muslin and made them slightly smaller in width than the standard garlands. The recovered fabric made three total garlands, one for Willie (well, really Ms. Dylan), and two more, of which are so darn cute I'm not sure if I will part with them.  But, maybe if you ask really nice, I will sell or even giveaway one for Memorial Day. 

Anyhoo...back to the cookies...I took my trusty Mrs. Fields cookie recipe here, and used my 1" cookie scoop, and rolled the tops of each scoop into a plastic tub of patriotic sprinkles ala Target. 

Gosh, I love the dollar bin.  I should do a post about the wonders of the Target dollar bin, it's like the dollar store, but filled with stuff you actually want.  The same can be said for the Michaels dollar aisle...I digress...again. 
Cook exactly like you would sans sprinkles.  Voila, and yes, they were delicious.  I learned that you can decorate a chocolate chip cookie, just like a sugar cookie.  I might be the last person on earth to figure this out, but that's okay, I still haven't seen Avatar, I am used to it.  I did just watch Zombieland this weekend, it was a riot!

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