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Taylor St. Market - Reno

So, Sunday was Mother's Day, and after being brought the paper, I turned to the Horoscope section. Yes, I read them, to the dismay of my brother "how can a fortune possibly be for the millions born that month?" to which I reply, "it rotates people, someday, it will be my day." A habit of mine, and I just like it for laughs, but sometimes coincidence really happens. 

As it did on Sunday.  From the Reno Gazette, "If there's something your selling, you'll be getting some interesting leads.  And even if you don't have concrete goods and services to market, you will be winning people over with your ideas and personality."  Shortly thereafter, I checked my email, and there it was, an Etsy convo from Pickled Tink, inviting me to join the Taylor St. Market on June 5th in the Midtown area of Reno.  YAY! Someone, that I don't know, likes my stuff! Yippee!  See, coincidence or not, that fortune was pretty right on.  Of course, I saved it for my brother.  hee hee hee.

But this street fair couldn't be anymore perfect for me as my first real event.  The theme is "Vintage Inspired and Insanely Cute Stuff."  Hello...yes, perfect! The lovely ladies hosting the market?  Pickled Tink, a super adorable blonde (you should see her engagement photos on her blog) that has a lovely vintage shop with all the shabby chic trimmings a girl could want.  Creamy whites, yes, rusty chippy stuff, yes, so perfect.  I have always wanted to go in there, but not the shop for two mini men...(that I always have on my trips into town)...sigh.  Don't even get me started on 41Taylor. A deliciously charming house, made just for parties.  Gorgeous.  I want to live there!  Just wait and see.  One day, I vow to get a real photo shoot done of the girls (garland) there. 

So pardon me, while I do my little happy dance!

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