girls just wanna have sun

birthday garland - fit for a "Superstar"

My friend Ms. Bina, has a very close friend, Ms. Superstar.  I have only met her a couple of times, but have you ever met someone who just makes you smile before you even talk to them?  Or have you seen some person standing in a coffee shop, and they, some stranger, just brighten your day?  In my crazy rebellious days in high school I had this book about what color your aura is.  I can't even remember what mine was, I always retook the test because I didn't agree with the answer, it was probably right, I think with my infinite middle-aged wisdom, ha ha ha. Anyways, the color of your aura.  People that puppies and babies are drawn to.  People you feel instantly comfortable with.  People that bring sunshine where ever they land.  That's what Ms. Superstar does, and it was her birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday Ms. Superstar!  I made these garlands for her party based on her favorite color being red.  I just hope she'll like them, they really don't have as much red in them as I originally wanted but they remind me of her.  Happy, fun, sunshine.

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my new tractor seat & divine chocolate cookies

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