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Packaging. I think the hardest part about a business is not the product itself.  It's all the other stuff.  Business cards, packaging, shop set up, and marketing, don't even get me started on Facebook and Flickr.  I haven't been posting about all the little cute things I have found because every second I have goes to playing around with Illustrator, Photoshop and then cheating occasionally (ok alot) with PowerPoint.  I have made my first sale. Yippee!  I was super excited, and then I realized I still had to finalize my designs for my packaging. Eeek! They were all there, but I had about 3 different options.  As much as I would love to farm it out to the oodles of talented designers out there or even just kinkos for printing, its just not in the budget.  Its just me, and although its much harder (with a learning curve that looks like a circle), when I finish, it is immensely satisfying. PS, I love kraft paper almost as much as muslin, can you tell?

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