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I Heart Garland

Sorry ladies, I have been so crazy busy that I have neglected to share some of my faves from etsy.  Did you miss them?  I have determined that I really need to have more parties just for the heck of it, just so I can use all of these pretty little garlands!

I saw this last week, and didn't click into it until today.  I was thinking, "what an awesome idea, so pretty and so simple, so martha..." So I clicked in today to get the links and boom - it says "as seen in Martha Stewart Weddings"  OF COURSE!  Lovely! Kuddos to dsharp!

I love buttons too, check out this cool paper garland.  I wish I had it for the baby shower! Blue Graph Paper and Paper Button Garland from packagery.

I have seen this seller all over the blogosphere... I love her pictures against a blackboard.   LOVE!  How incredibly creative. Love the flower garlands, made from fabric. Juicy Fabric Flower Garland from PrettySwell.

I am really loving the vintage pennant shape on bunting lately.  The classic triangle is awesome, but this is pretty darn cute.  I have been toying with the idea of doing a bunting sign for Taylor Street Market next weekend, and I think this shape (way bigger of course) would be pretty in muslin for my sign across the front of the table.  I love the colors! Pretty Party Bunting C from paperklipdesign.

I am a sucker for hearts. Its one of those things that I grew into (as my former anti-girly teenage self growls) and I now squeal in delight.  Wierd, I know.  It happens, I guess it could be worse.  I made a red felt heart garland for Valentines Day, I wish it was this cute.  red love garland by deardesire (love the shop name!)

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