girls just wanna have sun

super sorry! technical difficulties...

Aren't these pretty?  The men folk mowed our weeds (hey, at least its green) and found a little quail nest of twenty little eggs.  I think their mama abandoned them, so I ran out yesterday morning and got some pics in before the neighbor's cat (or other random critter) eats them. So pretty. I have never seen so many eggs in one nest. It makes sense, since in a few weeks we will see long lines of little mini babies running around behind mom & dad.

I just wanted to post that I am still learning how to post from my new iphone.  I have the app and I can put pictures with the post, but it keeps messing up a little bit.  I really want to figure it out, since the phone is much faster than my slow dialup.  So, I am SUPER SORRY in advance and will try to fix everything.

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wood doilies...super!

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