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Hank + Hunt Etsy shop s O-P-E-N! Yay!

After running around yesterday afternoon, and after the already late dinner (to the dismay of the hubs), I finally got a few of my garlands listed.  Please visit my shop here. I am super excited and can't wait to make more.  I was so anxious getting the store open, and now I feel as if a weight has been lifted.  The little darlings are there, in all their glory, ready for the world.

Since, you may have noticed, I love garland and bunting, like a crazy person. I also love muslin for its pretty color and simplicity, why not use both?  Throw in a twist of ruffles for the perfect little garland that you can use again and again.  Bridal shower, check.  Wedding, check.  Mother's Day brunch for the new MIL, check.  Baby shower...what?  Going to fast for you? You could use this garland for years.  I am even going to test washability (I have two boys, you learn that you will have to wash EVERYTHING eventually), although the listed garland edges are pinked,  I am also working on a finished edge version.

Other goodies on the way for the shop?
1. hemmed edge version
2. gradual & bold colors
3. vintage fabric editions
4. pleated, crisp edition (in white, of course)
5. pom pom garland
6. magnets (see earlier posts)
7. handmade, small batch fabric ribbon

I am even working on a DIY to show you how to make these garlands.  Of course, I would love you to buy them, but I know some of you love to make your own, and I will share with you how!

So don't forget to visit me!

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