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Ironing Tricks and Cowboys + Rat Rods

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked for the Taylor St. Market (four days away! eek!) We went to a car show on Saturday, the boys' first ever.  I am biased, but every lady there thought my cowboys were the cutest ever! 

Now for a party trick, er...ironing trick. I hate ironing because I can never get all the wrinkles out.  I love you mom, but I don't think you knew how to iron.  Or if she did, she never showed me.  I have been doing my own ironing since I was 8.  Ok.  Only ironing when I had to, but still...  I might have ironed more if I knew this trick.  Disclaimer: I am probably the last person to learn this trick. 

INTRO:  I was chit chatting with the ladies at the yardage shop while purchasing my fabric.  I am going to make a floor length tablecloth for the folding table in my fair display. Folding tables are ugly, and I didn't like those poly-whatever they sell for trade shows.  I'm a girl who loves a straight stitch, and it's been months since I have sewn from a pattern anyways, so why start now? Exactly! Anyhoo, back to the story.  The ladies and I were discussing my bad ironing and they said "use a squirt bottle with water to get the wrinkles out." D-U-H  Holy cannoli, can it get any easier?  I always loved that squirt feature on the iron, but hated that I would use all my water for the steam function.  This trick works wonders for muslin, which has a knack for wanting to stay wrinkled.  So, there you have it.  A trick you probably knew anyway, or if you didn't...shhhhhh...I won't tell.

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Taylor Street Market

Larger, Fluffier Garland...oh my!