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flora and fauna garlands

Ahhhhh...more lovelies. Everytime I search Etsy to see where my little garlands are hiding, I find other little pretties on the way. This is our fabric floral and fauna edition. So pretty!
I am loving strawberries right now.  Strawberry shortcake without the cake.  Just berries and cool whip, please!  Yes, I did make shortcakes, but I always have extra berries, in all their juicy glory, because two short people, who shalll remain them all while you are doing the dishes.    These little fabric berries are so pretty I just want to eat them up! Strawberry Garland by RubyRed Crafts.

When I was little, we had a dogwood tree with gorgeous little white flowers in spring.   A dogwood tree was the original resident on my list of perfect garden plants that will surround my wrap-around porch. 'sigh' Other plants are a magnolia tree (the kind with the teacup sized flowers), white hydrangeas and aisles upon aisles of peonies. So loving this Dogwood Garland made by Middleburg Folk Art Studio. Each pretty little flower is painted muslin (LOVE!)
and I couldn't decide which was prettier, little white flowers or lovely handpainted (on MUSLIN!!!) robins.  Robin Garland also by MFAS.
Pretty little modern butterflies.  Ahh...we need a little girl in my clan.  Of course, I would love having these in my craft room, too! Flutter Garland by mamaiwawaki.

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