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Father's Day Chain Garland DIY

Hello! In celebration of Father's Day, the boys and I made this little fabric chain.  The chain is just like those cool paper ones we made in kindergarten, except I used fabric so its softer and more durable for reusing. It's more "manly" than my usual garland, boys need love, too. It took about 1.5 hours total (time including interruptions by two mini men.)  Ready? Great...

What you will need:
~roll of WonderUnder (regular weight paper-backed fusible web)
~four (or more) half yard pieces of coordinating fabric - 18" x 44"
~ironing board
~pinking shears or my favorite pinking bladed rotary cutter (could_not_live_with_out)
~ruler (I regularly use a yardstick)
~cutting board (if using rolling cutter)
~sewing machine

Step 1:
Stretch out fabric piece wrong side up on ironing board.  Iron out wrinkles, if any.
Cut out a sheet of WonderUnder about 18" x 22" . 

Follow the directions for your fusible webbing.  Place rough side of webbing down on the left half of your fabric piece. Iron as directed.  Let cool.  Peel back paper, interfacing should stay, if it is ripping up, place paper carefully back down and reiron. 

Step 2:
Fold fabric over in half, so right sides stay together. Iron as directed.  You now have a stiffened piece of fabric with no wrong sides showing. 

Repeat steps 1 + 2 for all pieces of fabric.

Step 3:
Place fabric on cutting board and square up edges with rotary cutter. Fabric should be about 9" wide on the shortest side.

Step 4:
Line up yardstick with edge (9"side) and using the rotary cutter, cut fabric on opposite side of yardstick.

Repeat down the length of the fabric piece.  You will now have strips of fabric, all pinked and cute, about 1.25" x 9". Repeat for all pieces of fabric.

Step 5:
Make your first link.  Take a strip and curve up into a circle, overlapping edges abut 3/4". 

Using your sewing machine's zigzag stitch the edges together. 

Slip the second strip (of a different fabric) through the center of the circle.  Stitch and repeat.  and repeat.  and repeat.  Until your chain is your desired length. 

Step 6: (Optional)
Cut two pieces of twill tape about 1.5' long.  Tie on each end of chain.  You could sew if you wanted, too.

Viola! Enjoy! Hang it up and marvel at its cuteness, then hide it away for Sunday's celebrations!

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