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Ms. Emily's Wedding

Ms. Emily (of the Pickled Tink store in Reno) is getting married in September and I get to do the garlands! YAY!   I am super excited. See the super cute happy couple above! Yes, they are that cute in real life! Ms. Kelli France of France Photography did their engagement shoot and is photographing the wedding. LOVE! 

This post is just the beginning of a series.  I thought it would be helpful to show you the process that I go through for a wedding package.  As with any of my garlands, you get to customize them any way you like.  Ms. Emilys wedding is a circus theme, with accents of red and aqua.  LOVE!  She really liked the red and white stripes I had on another garland, so I found some more.  I also picked up a thicker stripe that reminds me of awnings and popcorn stands. 
Each new fabric always needs a trial.  Sometimes, as pretty as the pattern may be, once gathered in the garland, it's a miss.  Either the pattern doesn't look quite right ruffled or the fabric is too stiff to be sewn properly.  For this, I got a yard of each to make our samples. 

Into the wash they went, to remove all that stabilizer gunk and to get softened up.  I always use fragrance free Method detergent and dryer sheets.  Method has plant derived sheets, which makes me wonder what is in those other ones??? Anyhoo, once washed, dried , ironed and cut into strips, I am going to make a couple of shorties.  Little fabric garlands about a foot long.  For my wedding samples, I always put ties on the ends so they can actually be used.  No sense in wasting them right?  Sky's the limit...chandelier decor for a dinner party, baby's first birthday highchair decor? Weddings do often lead to other little people...just sayin'...

The next post in the series will be a DIY on how to make my garlands. Yes, for all your crafty ladies out there, you don't have to figure it out, I already know and I will share!

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