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Taylor Street Market

Saturday was Taylor St Market and it was super wonderful! Honestly, the best craft/vintage market I have ever been to. Ok, the only one I have been to, but it was such a good mix of vendors. Perfectly vintage and handmade, who knew all of these fabulous people were in Reno.
It was alot of work getting everything up and running for the market.

Printables...garlands...displays... Oh my! I even made my own tablecloth. My biggest challenge was making stands for the garland to hang on. Luckily, Ms. Emily from Pickled Tink, set me up against a chainlink fence.

What a brilliant and thoughtful idea! Thank you, Ms. E! I promised my hubby that I wouldn't buy anything, and I made good, aside from some to die for almond cookies with frosting made by Bloom and some delish chocolate chip cookies by Bash. Yum! I did trade with my new friend Ms. Ashley for the cutest windchime made from vintage silverware. LOVE!
I wish I had taken pics of all the vendors, aka some new friends, but these ladies are on etsy, and I am so telling you all about them when I get home. Here is one more pic from the market taken from my phone (better pics later, promise!)

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