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Happy 4th of July Weekend! red, white and blue bunting edition

Hello there. Are you as excited for this weekend as I am? The boys are finally big enough to enjoy decorating for holidays and I really want to make it AWESOME. I am definately going to make these yummy strawberries from Grin and Bake It! I was tempted again and again by these babies on Twitter via RT @superburbs, @theknottybride, @pizzazzerie, & @dognbird. So tempted they made my mouth water. In fact, those bad boys pushed me over the decorate/not decorate line. We don’t get to have fireworks (hmmmm…desert + fire…not so good.) but I was hoping to get my red, white and blue going on. I am not one for Americana novelty printed fabrics and paperie. I do need to swing by Michaels and nab some of the big, bold scalloped flag bunting. You know the ones that are always shown hanging on those luscious front porches in the south. Yeah, those ones. And while we're at it, lets throw in the porch, too.

Here are some lovelies I found on Etsy. If you play your cards right, you can use these all summer long because I chose items that don't literally say "Happy July 4th!" But look at these, you know they're thinking it...

I heart metal and lately I have been loving painted metal. Here are some little white stars, and I am loving the curly-cue metal ribbon. I can see this in so many other holiday decors, too. Especially one that I will not name because it is JULY people. But a side note, the boys both insisted on wearing their Santa jammies last night. Hilarious! I would aso totally use these in the boys' cowboy room. A nursey, so darn cute! Metal star garland by riricreations.

Pinwheels are my newest obsession. It all started with that Kate Spade campaign. The chainlink fence video - ADORE!!! So naturally I had to find DIY's for making my own, because so rarely do you find the perfect colors for your party. Let me tell you, there's lots of cutting involved. While my craft folder sits that much fatter, check out this garland - premade lovelies. Absolutley gorgeous! Kuddos OrdinaryMommy for this lovely Summer Holiday Pinwheel Garland.

This lovely flag garland is perfect for the fourth, or fifth or eleventh with some nautical partyware. I think they would be lovely hanging from branches of a tree above your picnic blanket on the nice soft grass...ahhhhh. A girl can dream. LOVE THEM! Americana Red White and Blue Pennants by pamwares.

I just love this headband. I would totally rock it out to a picnic with my fave red anthro dress. I might even wear it as a necklace. Eco Friendly NAUTICAL Headband by ZinniaSnipSnap.

As for what I will use this weekend...I have one of these for the shop, and one for me.

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