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GIVEAWAY on 30days

Have you heard? This week is an incredible giveaway extravaganza over on 30days! I say extravaganza because, well, Mique has over 20 giveaways lined up this week. I tell you this because free stuff is awesome!! Here at Hank + Hunt, you know I love a good giveaway...and yes...I am in it. Today.

Yippee!  I love giving presents, and this is my way to give more. The lucky winner will recieve her (or his) color choice of 3 Fancy garlands. Look up.  Yep, the garland in the banner. THREE of them, in fact. You can choose cream, white, or any combination of the two!

So go see Mique TODAY and enter to win some fancy garlands...and a ton of other fantastic swag!

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