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Cake Banners

I think if there were a competition in my head on cake decorating, simple would win over elaborate every time.  Top it off with a nice little banner, and those gorgeous perfect bakery goodies are hereby customized.  Who says you have to bake 'em?

I can’t begin to explain how much I love these by ReadyGo. I love that they are illustrations of banners, the incredible colors (she does grey!!!) and of course that she appreciates the name Henry (always a plus in my book…no seriously!) I was gonna save these for later…I want to use them in my new fall shop photos in September, but why wait?

I am loving the slice of tree with doily. LOVING. IT. Check out Nadia’s fab blog here. She even has her wedding on there, using her own awesome cake toppers, gorgeous! See her Etsy shop here.

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