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Cakestand Extravaganza Mini Posts

 Goodies as promised.  I think I found too many.  Ok, I know I did.  So we're gonna do this all week.

Cute little cake plate to elevate that non-diet goodness...A Fabulous Fete

 Flittin' around Crate and Barrel and saw this little sushi plate. Cute.  With cupcakes on it??? Simply adorables (not a typo, this is verbage straight from the short person's mouth). 
Lovely cupcake stands from OliviaDru, handmade in your color? Yes, please. 

 EXTRA - so, there's a sushi plate up there...then yesterday I see these from Ticings. Too cute! Is it just me or do you think she has the very same sushi plate in the pic?

Anyhoo, more cakestand extravaganza to come...

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Cakestand Extravaganza White Edition

Cake Banners