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Cakestand Extravaganza White Edition

Come one, come all, to a gathering of cakeity goodness.  I keep finding lovely little cake plates wherever I turn.  A girl can only have so many before her husband starts questioning why she bought another one. I almost got through to him when I explained that it is like a tool.  Different ones, for different situtations, right?  It almost worked.  It didn't work with shoes either...Oh, and brides-to-be/newlyweds...I learned this one the hard way, don't ever let him know how much your purse costs...or else each time you come home with a new one, it means trouble.  Apparently, purses are not compareable to tools either. Small Pedestal Cake Plate - Origin Crafts

But I really do think the mighty cake plate is a tool.  I bet if we asked Amy or Martha they would agree.
And in a sufficiently stocked tool chest, one needs the basics.  The kind you can pull out at a moment's notice and voila...Here are the white ones.

Speaking of Martha, these are from Macy's,
yes, they are ALL on the must have list...

and Sinatra Cake Stand Crate and Barrel


Scalloped Cake Stand Williams-Sonoma

Angelina Cake Stands at Shoestring Home

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