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Henry's First Day at Preschool Party

I did not cry. I welled up a little driving to school.  But... I did not cry.  I really wanted to after we arrived to the classroom and  it turned out Daddy + Mommy were the ones begging for goodbye hugs.  Henry, was raring to go. So, after hugs, we drove home, one carseat empty.

The Hubby left to go to work and Hunter and I whipped out some printables. We printed them in 5 minutes.  I drew them up over breakfast this morning, it took like10 minutes tops. Simple text. a star shape, all in PowerPoint.  Easy Peasy. A printable for the banner, printed in alternating blues, and two stars for the snack table and for Henry to wear. I also printed out "A is for Awesome Afternoon, B is for Brand New School, C is for Cool New Friends" but I didn't end up using it.

Then, we melted some butter and set to work on making cookies. Little box mix cookies as requested by the Honoree this weekend while shopping.  We make our own cookies about 99% of the time so these were a real treat, he didn't know when we were making them. Since I had 2 hours and 20 mins until I had to go back to pick him up, I was so greatful I had said yes to them. 5 mins later, in the oven baking.

While the cookies baked, I made the celery and carrot sticks.  A few extra for good measure, done. 12 mins. Second batch of cookies, I cut two blueberry bagels in quarters and then thinly sliced. Arranged on a pan, drizzled a little melted butter and sprinkled some sugar on top (Thank you Food Network Magazine snack insert.)  Popped in the oven right after the cookies came out. 12 mins.  

Ironed some cotton muslin (yes, I love it, I have a bolt of it and yes, I use it for everything!) and then back to the kitchen to flip the bagel chips over, more butter and sugar, and back in the oven.  10 mins.

Cut out fancy star for snack table label and badge. 5 mins.

I cut the yard of fabric into 3" by 10" rectangles with my trusty pinking shears. I cut out each letter from the transfer and ironed them on the garland. Then I ran some muslin colored twill tape through the machine and attached each letter flag with a zig zag stitch.  I folded each rectangle in half first and then slid the fabric around the twill tape. I sewed throughout the length of the garland to have one continous stitch line. This saves a ton of time over stopping and starting at each flag.  There is less to trim in the end, also.

The garland took a little more than an hour or so.  In the grand plan of reusing my garlands (notice the Father's Day chain garland above, too,) I can use this banner for any number of events. Next year, I will make a "SCHOOL" to replace "PRESCHOOL" for next year's back to school party.  Also, if I make a "BIRTHDAY" and pair it with "HAPPY" I just covered another event. Easy Peasy. 

When I finished the garland, I had 15 mins to spare before I had to leave and pick Henry up.  Popped a mini bag of popcorn in the microwave, set out some plates, arranged the snacks, added a cake plate of cookies, hung the garlands with tacks. Voila.  Got to school early.  Brought the Honoree home and he smiled BIG.  We decorated the cookies with the icing we bought for it & sprinkles.  I saved this task because the boys love this most of all.

Mission Accomplished! Party ready in 2.5 hours. It could have been fancier. It could not have been more special.

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