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Cakestand Extravaganza Ultimate Wishlist

These darlings today are gorgeous, fantastic, drool-worthy.  I wish they were mine. Alas...they are incredibly indulgent, and I do think my hubby would kill me if I bought them. 

First up is the fabulous Clara French.  I think these are my favorite cake plates ever.  I have yet to see anything remotely comparable. If you have never seen these two sister's work (where have you been? These girls have been everywhere in the blog world), go NOW to their site.  It's like walking into a french boutique or heaven.  A-D-O-R-E.  How they get the incredible drips off the side I will never know.  But they are perfect, and owning one is right up there on the lovely goals list, next to meeting Martha.  I sigh out loud when I see these.  But I did learn that you can rent them, and they ship.  Luckily for me, my inlaws are in Seattle, so for the next family party, I am so renting one (which I can pick up at the studio and save a bundle in shipping.)

Have you seen the site Origin Crafts? They have tons of entertaining wares.  TONS.  Here are some that I would love to have on my marble island in my all white kitchen, holding my morning muffins.  Ahhh.  Dreaming again...

Now, how about some lovelies from Etsy?  Yes, well, since you asked so nicely...

Dogwood cake stand by WhitneySmith

English countryside vintage 3 tier cupcake stand PinkBurlesque

Tree slice cake stand by jessedirk

Medium wave cake stand by vesselsandwares

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Cakestand Extravaganza...the finale, a giveaway and THE 100TH POST!

Cakestand Extravaganza Cupcake Edition