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Happy Monday and Half Birthday Party

All this flitting around the internet looking for party supplies had me longing for a party. Alas, the next birthday is months away, but there is a little man named Harry who will be turning the ripe old age of 6 months shortly.  When my minimen were little, I thought of celebrating six months, but as a new mom and then a mom of a toddler and a newbie, I had no time or energy to bake, let alone throw a party.  So this will be perfect, Auntie A - close your eyes, its gonna be a surprise.  I am finishing up on the details for "Happy Half Birthday Harry", and boy is it gonna be cute.  Since this isn't a full blown birthday, just a fun moment to remember in baby's life, it will be simple and easy.  Just a reason for the family to get together and enjoy Harry together. 

I want to show you how you can throw something cute together in an instant.  Honestly, everything started less than a week ago. With this lovely from Rifle Paper Co.

Add a few colored party goodies from HeyYoYo

More ideas, just a little play on the half theme.

The 1/2 pic above is going on the cake and a onesie. We'll have a cute dot backdrop in the card colors.

Since Harry just started his delicious adventure with purees, the food is for the grown ups. We'll serve mini cupcakes, half sandwiches, madelines half dipped in chocolate, apple slices and the cake.  I am taking half of a two layer round cake and setting it on its side,  like a rainbow shape.

OK. That's all the hints for now. Preview is over, I've said too much. Party to come soon.
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