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Hello 2011

Did you miss me? I kinda escaped for the holidays a little early, I just read my last post and I totally led you on and then ran.  I am such a tease. It was fabulous to get a break, but I missed so much loveliness...and failed to share some goodies.  I'm sorry darlings! Ok, I'm really only a little bit sorry and loved the time off so much I will do it again this year...but I will be better prepared and leave some presents to tide you over to the new year. I have lots in store for this gorgeoous new year and I am super excited. So, I am a week behind on this but here we go with my goals and resolutions this year...



~Get good photos taken. Find a fantastic photographer who will work for handmade party supplies.  (I heard you chuckle...) I know everyone says you can take pics with a point an shoot...yes, but no, no you can't. At least I can't.  Mama needs a DSLR, but I am also really close to accepting that my photography skills are not my strong suit. So, I need to find a photog in Reno/Tahoe area that is sweet, fabulous and cheap.  Or learn how to take a good pic myself...A girl can dream can't she?
~Mini DIYs...lots of them. They'll be totally random but I will share right away instead of hoarding them in my little notebook(s).  I am done saving stuff for later and never getting to most of them on the to do list...carpe diem!
~Ruffled Garland DIY...I'm gonna give you an easy peasy version AND my version...and give some hints as why mine are so much more fab than some of those other ones popping out...and yes...make the pricing more recession friendly on the ones I make (see...I listen)

~New adventures with Sharon, from Cupcakes and Cutlery. We're planning something wicked awesome...and it's gonna be fabulous. Trust me.
~Inspiration boards by moi. My shopping boards will continue into the new year, with the usual handmade sourcing, but I want to add some pretty pictures from parties, too.
~No new craft purchases.  Zero. Zilch. I have half of Michaels in that craft cave of mine and by heavens I'm gonna use 'em.  Note: thread, needles and hot glue are excluded from this and reminds me I only have two sticks of hot glue left. Uh-oh.
~No shopping, except some organizational stuff.  Yeah, I know, I just said no shopping, but seriously I have a fabulously teeny house and without reorganizing and new furniture I might not see the floor in some rooms.  No, not really,  and please don't get all scared and think I should be on hoarders or anything. Small house + good storage = sanity.
~Edit and clean out my picture files. Simple enough.  Yeah, I thought so, too.  I am such an awesome photographer I have tons of not so good photos. Why do I save them?  I. do. not. know. Hello, delete are my new best friend.
~I will excersize at least five times a week. Period.  It's been too long and all of a sudden I'm thirty-something and old enough to know that there was a sitcom way back when about "old" people...and now I am one of them. So, to quote one of my favorite ladies, Laurel, from Go Against the Grain...#nomorefatass.  I'm gonna print it out on my label maker and slap it right on top of my elliptical.

Shop goodies + goals...

~We are adding PRINTIES...eek I'm so excited I can hardly keep quiet, my hubby is tired of listening to it. There will be PDFs and assembled options.  Flags, activity sheets like mazes and coloring pages, tshirt transfers and more!
~Can you say screenprinted?  I can.  Mucho excited.
~I am obsessed with should know this by now...and I make tons, just for the heck of it.  Paper, fabric, felt...I am going to start listing these little one-offs for your party pleasure.
~Packages, full-tilt.  Stay tuned for more...

So there it is.  My goals (minus a few top secret ones and those mushy ones you don't wanna read anyhoo).

Much love and luck in the new year ahead! I look forward to sharing it with you!

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