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World's Easiest Valentine's Cupcake Topper

Ok, so remember when I said I will fill you in on random mini diys?  Well, here is the most random and probably least effort-involved one yet.  I always buy those little jelly hearts that come out this time of year.  They are cherry flavored and sparkly from their yummy sugar coating.  So, while they were calling my name on the counter, I noticed my little jar of toothpicks right beside them...Let's make a cupcake topper...I'm so using this at the preschool party...

Take jelly heart and stick a toothpick in it. Voila. 

**Note: be sure to hide said jelly hearts from your family if you want to get any on a cupcake. Ours did not survive long enough.  For your sake, I could have bought some more yesterday to illustrate this on a cupcake...but then we'd have eaten that whole box, too.  Sorry. 

So, I must admit.  Last week, I went to Michaels on the hunt for hot glue sticks.  I ended up with this little number by Martha. I new supplies.  It has a pretty blue trigger...and it most likely not to throw sparks at me while using it.  An exaggeration, but my old one, which cost a total of $2.99 heats up pain-ful-ly s-l-o-w. I am fairly certain that  Martha's will be faster, not explode in electrical fireworks, and it heats two different kinds of glue.  Really? Please tell me I am not the only one who didn't know you were supposed to use different glues on different items.  I didn't even know there were different glues (aside from those monster glue sticks at the hardware store.)

I also splurged and got these for two bucks.  Aren't they cute? The little honeycomb toppers are from Wilton and come in red and pink.  Classic, vintagy, kitchy Valentine's. I just couldn't resist.  I also ended up with a few other items (oops) but that's a surprise and once you see it was a must will understand.

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