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The Sweetest Occasion

Hello, hello, hello.Oh I have some incredible news to share with you! That little surprise I eluded to yesterday, well...I've got a new column over on The Sweetest Occasion, which is one of the prettiest sites out there with wedding and party goodness.  I'm so excited over this I can hardly write.  So, if I say "excited" like 50 billion times...I really can't help it. Eek! Cyd, fab wedding/event blogger and just the sweetest ever, was accepting submissions for new columns and ideas and I applied. (I sent in the below DIY.)  You are looking at...the second new DIY contributing Woo Hoo. The fabulous part is...I will be working opposite another fabulous DIY lovely, Ms. Chelsea of Lovely Indeed, who not only is one amazing crafty chica, but is an actress touring the country.  So every week, you will find a new super awesome DIY on The Sweetest Occasion, one last week from Chelsea, and one this week from me...this is going to be fun!

and first ever DIY, is the above little ruffled cupcake toppers, over on The Sweetest Occasion...go check it out right NOW! (pretty please)

I am so excited thankful/stoked/giddy/floored that I have this venue to share some of the DIY goodness I have been hoarding. My DIYs are simple and easy for today's modern bride and fete throwing vixen. I can't wait to share them with you. Thank you Cyd, for everything and this unbelievable opportunity! XOXO

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World's Easiest Valentine's Cupcake Topper