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Happy Monday! Here is a standard issue scallop cupcake topper, halloween style. But Jenny, it is just a scallop topper, no biggie...

but wait! While it is just a scallop topper, I learned a new way to make them, and it is so darn easy I literally jumped up and down in my chair.

You see, I am in love with Alma Loveland, from Ollibird and Nicole's Classes. I was beyond excited when I found out Alma was teaching an Illustrator 102.  Yep, 102.  It's a new class, and I have learned so much in the first two weeks, that I just don't know what to try first. So, I have tried many things, and this little scallop shape is one of them. I created it in, like, zero seconds flat. I can think of a HARD way to do it, and a less hard way, but still remotely annoying...but you are going to want to take the class to see the AWESOME-est way.  Trust me.   If you have never really used Illustrator, Alma's beginning classes are ESSENTIAL. Before ART Weekend last year and my introduction to the lovely Alma, I was clueless. 

So, download this FREEBIE. Learn to make your own freebies, HERE


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