girls just wanna have sun


I've been working on the Hank + Hunt Holiday Gift Guide, but I just couldn't wait to share.  I just found them this morning...and I need them. I want to use them around the house to hold little messages. I adore the little gold hooves! ANIMALIA PLACEHOLDERS on BHLDN. 

Annual tradition, MARTHA STEWART LIVING HOLIDAY EDITION. I get one every year the first time I see it.  In this case it was Saturday. The holidays start early at chez H+H. I might have had a Christmas tree up right after Halloween a few times, ahem, even before I had kids. Don't judge me. I already know I won't be the crazy cat lady when I am old.  I will be the crazy Christmas lady. I'm trying to hold out this year, really. 

Okay, so if you read the last little personal tidbit about me, it's no wonder you know why I'm super excited about this...A VERY SHE & HIM CHRISTMAS. Officially out and about. It's not often that NEW Christmas music comes out.  Ok, new, GOOD Christmas music.  It's here and it shall fit in perfectly with my Dino and Ella albums. 


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