girls just wanna have sun


Yesterday was my birthday, so I thought I'd share a few little pictures I took. This is the second year I have decorated myself for my birthday.  But that's because it was so easy.  Last year, Ms. Sharon sent me a party in a box, complete with balloons and snacks.  This year, I won a giveaway on A SUBTLE REVELRY from  HEART & CRAFT. I told her how obsessed I was with gold and these little flags and garland showed up in my mail box. THANK YOU KAT!! I added my favorite recipe of COCONUT CUPCAKES and voila! Best birthday to date.  I made the little mini cake with two layers made from a 4" cheesecake pan, filled 3/4 of the way up for tall layers, I improvised.

I couldn't find a gold tablecloth, which was strange since it's the holidays, and instead wrapped my table.  I've seen it done with kraft paper and found some thick gold paper at Target.

The best gift?  My boys were finally old enough to really pick out presents for mommy.

Another cinch of a's easiest garland.  Find those garland letters from your party store. A few shops around here sell them individually, so I picked up a bunch in silver.  For this party I used "Happy Birthday" since I was basically decorating for myself, the "You Rock" letters had to stay in storage.

Find your letters, pop out the holes and tie together with twine or brads. I really want to do a whole word wall or a big quote.  FUN!

Thank you for the well wishes about my eyes...everything went perfectly and I can see brilliantly.  So, if you happen to see me around town, I'm either pretending to be a movie star in big sunglasses or I look like a Twilight extra since my eyes are still red.

The gift guide is on it's way...just a few of my favorite things.

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